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On this page,
Is some of my poems or others poems or other bits and bobs i thought i would share.Who knows someone famous could look at this site

This is a song done by a m8 of mine

It used to be happy families, now it’s as bad as it can be, many things tormenting me, am I sounding brief? I promised to turn a new leaf cos I was pessimistic, bro coming home to find the packet gone cos I finished the biscuits. Straight up, I was crushed, why wouldn’t trouble leave me? Why were my best friends calling me bad, calling me sleazy? It’s still not easy, problems circulating around me, I admit behaviour has changed towards my family. I know they’re mad at me but I’m mad at em too, but I ain’t running away and being fostered by some crew. Why are god’s decisions, leaving clues hidden and missing, I got a friend, she got problems, I got to sit down and listen. And the more it gets deep I get some low morale, but parts deep down in my heart make me say she’s a pal. Another friend I think, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like a slaughtered lamb that was silent and suddenly bleated. I’m coming close to defeated, depression’s only repeated, and everybody is fine, it’s only me that can see it. I try to change it, disaster’s rearranged it, sometimes I lose, faith, hope, god’s someone I can complain with. I thought my problems were deep, a girl goes through pain every week, tears replacing words when she’s trying to speak. How many people tell me that they cry themselves to sleep, I can’t take this oppression no more because I’m getting weak. And the time’s slowing down, memories of a chamber revolving around, heart monitor, making wrong sounds. And I’m not clowning anyone around this shit is true, its saddens me when I think that this is half of the truth. I’ve been ripped out of my suit, seen it been sold for the loot, put in a brief case, the same space as a child in a boot. I’m scared of terrorism, but it’s the general system, I know hurt ones are listening, I pray for young ones missing.



Give me two more years before I die

The world is a corrupted place and I ask the lord why?

I’m changing for better, not because I did wrong

No one will be left behind, ill bring everyone along.
Now one of my poems



Today was fantastic

Every Moment

Every second



We connected again

That bond we had



You’ve changed

For the better

I know

You love me


The day ends

We depart again




Can’t wait to see you again

So we can replay a day like this


Live life to the full you never know whats round the corner

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