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Tumbling "Hot!"

Shoutouts to My Friends
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Shoutouts to My Friends
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To all my m8s this page is for you

A dedicated page to all my friends

Me and My Sister
Penny (My sister)
This is my sister!!! She is 13 and is in year 9 !!!Penny is very hyper and sporty.She likes to wind people up e.g. me but i love her really.She is like a best friend to me sometimes.We can work together and get what we want sometimes or we will just argue.

My baby
This is my baby ,my future husband!!! We have been through soooo much and im glad we are still together now stronger than ever.I dunno what my life would of been like if i had never met him!The first time i met him was through my cousins m8 who i was supposed to be going out with but didn't want anything to do with me anywayz matt was there for me and we just fell in love he then came down and stayed at my house in October 2004 what a wonderful week we had!!! And our love just grew from there we both have changed each others lives.I love you Matt!!!He is so clever he has his own portfilo ooo look at him u can visit this on the below addy

Mike aka special kid or flange
Mike is a very random but easy person to get on with!!!! He is one of Matt's friend which i have stole mwahhhha !!! I met Mike in weymouth in October when Matt was down my house!! We had such a great day,Mike is soooo funny he could brighten anyones day,atm he has a special ladie called Tasha. Mike can also do many different impressions such as Little Britains Emilly Howard

Ladies he is taken

Doug and Mike
Doug careful where u stick that
Doug is also another friend i have stolen off Matt but Doug has been a big help to mine and Matt's relationship,he's always there to help his friends!!! He has a gf aswell atm called Abi who i know he loves very much.Doug can also be very random and does a great impression of Little Britain's Emilly Howard

My best m8
Hayley is my best Female Friend she has helped me and Matt through our relationship,she is a great friend and a good listener.She is crazy just like me and we get on soooo well.Hayley is single so guys get in there soon!!! Here is my friend Hayley !!!

My m8's
It's snowin
All my friends at Bucklers Mead
I have to say we are a crazy bunch of people but i dunno what i do without them.People if ya not in this pic it doesn't mean that your not my m8 just thought this was a class picture.On the left looking down is Shaun next to him Tania, behind Tania is Gunton.The gal with the red scarf poking out her tongue is me lol!!In front of me is Kelz next to her Edward and next to him Elizabeth.The guy with his fingers up is Greg and next to him Lou.



This is a memorial for my friend josh who died last year after fighting cancer for 5 years.He will not be forgotten about!!! Josh was 15/16 when he died

May you rest in peace and be happy

Live life to the full you never know whats round the corner

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