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Tungstem are a local band based here in Yeovil.There are 5 members.Jonathan Boon,Dean Frost,Alex Gullis,Patrick Neal ,Ryan Lewis.This is what the band say about them selves

Tungstem is a fairly new band with a unique style of music matched by no other. (What we call [sick metal])

Tungstem formed in September 2004 in Yeovil Somerset UK. The 5-piece band came together as close school friends that had a passion for crushing metal music. Vocalist Jonathan Boon, Bassist Dean Frost, Guitarist Patrick Neal, Guitarist Ryan Lewis, and Drummer Alex Gullis. The music scene in Yeovil at the time that Tungstem formed was very one sided, soft core and dull. They thought that they could prove themselves better than this genre with their new created genre what they call (sick) Metal. In February of 2005 Tungstem released their first E.P "[PAIN]” that started to get them noticed more and play more serious venues. This first E.P consisted of 4 tracks, Vehemence, Severed, HiDe, and And Suffer. They are also hoping to start planning for the next E.P. recording.

Where's Patrick guys ???



Nameless are a christian group who sing very powerful songs towards God and Jesus they are based in Yately Hampshire.They have there own website if you want to check them out the website is



Soulcry are also a christian rock band but they are worth listening to i have seen them live many times and they are truely amazing.The band is 3 lads TJ on vocals,Papa C on drums and Jase on guitiar.They also have a website worth checking out


Live life to the full you never know whats round the corner

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